Maria’s Story

Who would have thought that a trip to Sri Lanka to visit family would be the first step towards the creation of Oliveira shoes?

It all started in late 2009 when I waved goodbye to rainy UK, my suitcase packed with loose, comfy clothes and flat, ‘sensible’ summer sandals.

The long flight gave me a chance to reflect on my busy UK lifestyle – raising four children independently and with a full-time job – and what might await me in Sri Lanka, once a Portuguese colony and a different world to someone like me, born in a tiny village south of Lisbon.

My family reunion in Colombo was joyous, with much to catch up on, as well giving the girls the chance to introduce me to their vibrant culture – and their shops!

It was during such a trip that I came across the most beautiful pair of heeled toe post shoes.

These unusual shoes were so stunning and different, but also comfortable – my ‘sensible’ shoes with heels.

And so the journey began. My dream to design my own collection of toe posts and manufacture them in the country that gave me the inspiration.

I hope you enjoy my exclusive Oliveira designs.


maria oliveira