Community Mission

At Oliveira, we believe that we should work in harmony with the communities around us, and endeavour to add value to the lives of people we come into contact with. We will only work with suppliers who meet our ethical standards in work practices, which include controls on workers being over 18 years old and maximum hours of working.

As our business grows, we are committed to allocating a share of our UK shoe sales profits to schemes to improve the lives of people in Sri Lanka.

We are also seeking to develop community partnership initiatives in the UK. We will work with suitable partners, who will receive a share of the sales generated through our joint programmes.

For example, Oliveira teamed up with ice hockey team the Bracknell Bees – – which Maria Oliveira has long-supported. The Bees advertised our launch in their match programmes and arranged a catwalk shoe show on the ice, in return for a share of the resulting sales.

If you are involved in a community activity, and are interested in exploring opportunities for joint-fundraising, please drop us an e-mail.